PREVIEW: 'Mekanix #1'

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[Mekanix #1]Writer Chris Claremont has contributed many characters to the world of theX-Men, and -- if pressed -- he just might admit that one of his favorites isKitty Pryde. But what has the phasing mutant been up to lately? Would youbelieve she's been tending bar at the University of Chicago? Now, hot offher appearance in X-MEN UNLIMITED #38, Kitty returns in the pages ofMEKANIX, a new six-issue miniseries by the team of Claremont and artistsJuan Bobillo and Marcelo Sosa.

"Kitty has always been the innocent window through which we saw theconsequences of racism that the X-Men faced," stated editor Andrew Lis."Here, she opens that window on a very human level, showing us not othergalaxies, but the everyday prejudices that we all face."

If you check out the following interior pages, you'll see that she's not theonly familiar face making a comeback! Yes, that cute girl with the dyedblond hair is the former New Mutant named Karma! All the fun kicks off onOctober 9th under a cover by fashion designer Celia Calle!

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[Ed: For more on Marvel's Claremonth celebration, click here. To learn more about cover artist Celia Calle, click here.]

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