PREVIEW: 'Masters of the Universe: Volume 2 Issue 2'

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Skeletor's plans go awry, and his desperation results in catastrophic consequences. Can He-Man and the Masters arrive in time to stop Skeletor?? One hero makes the ultimate sacrifice to defend the honor of Castle Grayskull and changes the Masters forever!

"The Masters always win and no one gets hurt, right? Wrong..., Issue one, volume two of MOTU shows that Skeletor plays for keeps and will stop at nothing in order to plunder the secrets of Castle Grayskull", says Marketing Director Jonboy Meyers. Events in issue two of the second mini-series ends in a shocker that will rock the entire Masters cast for future issues to come. But what's the big surprise??

"Well, let just say that in the heat of battle there are casualties of war. We really wanted to do a story that would shake up the book and allow room for other supporting members of the Masters cast to step up. Not every issue will end with a happy ending…this is war and Skeletor plays to win." says MVCreations President and MOTU scribe Val Staples. Repercussions from the events in issue two will be felt throughout the entire second MOTU series.

"Visually, it's our best book to date! MOTU penciller Emiliano Santalucia continues to top his work with every issue, if you thought the fight scenes in issue one were fantastic, the fight scenes in issue two are literally to die for!" exclaims MV Group Editor Leanne Shaw.

Issue two's alternate cover sports a nice Group shot of the Masters by the talented JJ Kirby. "JJ really went all out to create something totally different from what we have gotten from past creators such as Drew Struzan and Earl Norem. Keep your eyes out for other upcoming alternate covers featuring the masterful painted works of Tommy Lee Edwards, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell." says Shaw.

Fans the He-Man and the MOTU cartoon fans out there, keep your eyes out for brand new heroes and villains making their debut cartoon appearances.

And all of you MOTU toy fans out there, MOTU Heroes Wave 4 and Villains Wave 2 are making their way to a store near you. Heroes like Sy-Klone and Prince Adam have been popping up and villains like Tri-Klops and Trapjaw have already hit the selves.

And speaking of villains, our new Icons of Evil One-Shot series premieres in comic book shops this June. The first one-shot will be focusing on fan-favorite Beast Man, with one-shots of Mer-Man, Trapjaw and Tri-Klops to follow. Each issue is a whopping 48 pages featuring the chilling back stories about your favorite MOTU Villains! Icons of Evil: Beast Man will ship this June published by Image Comics with subsequent Icons of Evil One-Shots published by CrossGen's new CGE imprint starting this July.

As for the future? Expect a lot! With a "Pre"He-Man mini-series in the works, as well as the collected MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE vol. 1: THE SHARD OF DARKNESS trade paperback published by Cross Gen Entertainment hitting the stands this July, stay tuned for more MOTU announcements in the next coming months from MVCreations!

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