PREVIEW: 'Masters of the Universe' Vol. 2, #4

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Showdown in Avion! A mysterious new threat has unleashed itself upon the kingdom of Avion! Are He-Man and the Masters strong enough to battle against this new menace? Or will another Master suffer the same fate as Mekaneck and Man-At-Arms? With the arrival of this new menace, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull clues the Masters in to another menace that is far more dreadful! Who or what is this other menace, and how is it linked to the events in Avion? Can the Masters fight battles on two different fronts or will they falter?

"We're thrilled at the response to the second He-Man mini-series. We've raised the stakes and keep pushing the envelope for every issue that follows. The penciling team of Emiliano Santalucia and Enza Fontana is a tag team that can't be beat!

For this issue, we've commissioned world-renown painters Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell to create a phenomenal iconic masterpiece which will grace the cover of the prestige edition to Issue #4. It's been our most popular painted cover to date!" says MV Group Editor Leanne Shaw.

With Season Two of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe's Animated Series gearing up in the Fall of 2003 on the Cartoon Network, He-Man and the Masters will be facing not only Skeletor, but a new menace that slithers its way back into Eternia. In order to fight this menace, He-man and the Masters will be getting some new gear to combat this new threat! Most notably will be He-Man himself, will be sporting some newly armored threads! The events in the animated series will be closely tied to some new scaly projects in the works at MVCreations as well, and fans can expect He-Man's regular on-going series in 2004 to follow suit.

So stay tuned fans! Masters of the Universe Volume two, Issue #4 will arrive in stores on June 25th! And be sure to check out our new Icons of Evil one-shot series featuring Mer-Man as well as the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Collected Trade Paperback: The Shard of Darkness which will be coming out from CrossGen this July.

And don't forget to pick up our third installment of the Icons of Evil one-shots featuring the mechanical menace known as Trapjaw, which can still be ordered in the June issue of Diamond Previews in the CrossGen Section!

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