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Retailers face a tough prospect every month. After all, how are theysupposed to accurately order a new project when oftentimes all they have togo on is a cover and some creator quotes? That's why, over the last fewweeks -- as we have with DEADPOOL #65 and THING & SHE-HULK: THE LONG NIGHT-- we've made an effort to distribute interior art while the Diamond OrderCut-Off date is still open, meaning retailers can take a look at the previewart and then increase their orders -- and that you can run into your localcomics shop and say, "Hey, can you order me a copy of TIGRA #1?"!

Speaking of TIGRA #1, here's the first four pages in full color! On saleMarch 27th, The Order Cut-Off date for the debut issue is March 7th. Enjoy!


Cover by Mike Deodato Jr.

Christina Z. (w)/Mike Deodato Jr. (p & i)

* THE SCOOP: Marvel's feline femme fatale leaps into her own series!

* THE SET-UP: She's been a super hero, a creature of the night, and anAvenger. But what is the true face of the were-woman known as Tigra? Findout as a clue to an unsolved murder sends Greer on an odyssey of discoverythrough the halls of power - a feral hunter in an urban jungle!

* THE STORY: Having attempted to settle into a new life over the past fewyears with the Avengers, Tigra isn't happy with just being "part of theteam". Where some people are happy neatly fitting in, Greer wants - needs -more. A woman with an unquenchable appetite, she hops from bed to bed beforerealizing she's got to settle up with the past. This means getting tobottom of The Brotherhood of the Blue Fist: an elusive group who may havemurdered her late husband... and who now dish out justice in leather bondagemasks! Can the were-woman infiltrate the deadly cabal... or will curiositykill the cat?

* THE CREATIVE TEAM: The sultry sexuality and fur-flying action comes yourway from writer Christina Z (Witchblade) and penciler Mike Deodato Jr.(Wonder Woman)!

* THE WRITER SPEAKS: "With urges and desires that must be factored in to hercrime-fighting charisma, Tigra can change her form to human with the use ofa special amulet, but one must remember that this duality isn't the easiestpower to deal with," said Z. "When her tension levels fly high, Greer canchange form uncontrollably without the use of the amulet; something youdon't really want to do in public. Tigra, as you'll see, is one complexcreature!"

* THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this four-issue, monthly mini-series is 32pages, with ads. On Sale March 27th (MarvelPG) $2.99

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