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While the gang in the Bullpen thinks it's cool when big rollouts like THEULTIMATES and CAPTAIN AMERICA light up the scoreboards, we also enjoy whatwe call "the little books that could". In this case, we're talking aboutMARVEL MANGAVERSE, which started out as a one-week event, but -- due to fandemand -- has grown into an ongoing series!

In fact, it's not just fans clamoring for more monthly adventures in thesurprise-filled setting, but retailers as well! Here's just a sampling ofcomments that ran in the latest issue of Comics & Games Retailer:

Barry Osser of North Coast Role Playing (Eureka, CA): "MARVEL MANGAVERSEstuff exploded out of here. I ordered 40% over what I expected to sell andstill sold out on the first day."

John Tinkess of Another Dimension (Calgary, Alberta, Canada): "Quicksellouts of the MARVEL MANGAVERSE titles really took me by surprise."

Jeremy Shorr of Titan Comics (Dallas, TX): "MARVEL MANGAVERSE was animmediate sell-out."

Darrell Minty of Warp One Comics & Games (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada): "Weunderestimated the fan response to the MARVEL MANGAVERSE titles and theysold out quickly."

Richard Spychalski of Spy Comics & Cards (Federal Way, WA): "PositiveSurprise: MARVEL MANGAVERSE -- didn't expect that."

Bill Williams of Time Warp (Bartlesville, OK): "The MARVEL MANGAVERSE titlesdid rather well. I'm glad that Marvel decided to do an ongoing series."

And to give you an advance taste of the action coming your way, feast youreyes on these full-color pages from the debut issue (which, as item #FEB021908D4, retailers can still order from Diamond until March 14th)!

"We all knew we had something special on our hands when we launched theMangaverse event back in January, but I don't think any of us up here at TheHouse expected this kind of overwhelming response to our little East MeetsWest experiment," admitted editor C.B. Cebulski. "Marvel aims to pleasethough, and the ongoing series will uphold the standard we set on a monthlybasis! Ben Dunn will not only continue to develop the universe andcharacters he introduced in the original story, but also expand it allbeyond our wildest imaginations!"


Cover by Ben Dunn

Ben Dunn & Kevin Gunstone (W)/ Ben Dunn (P & I)

* THE SCOOP: Because you clamored for it, The House proudly announces thereturn of the Marvel Mangaverse as its own monthly title!

* THE STORY: Meet Marvin Elwood, timid teenager... and possible savior ofEarth! Heir to alien Kree technology and the awesome Nega Bands, Marvin mustface his legacy as -- Captain Marvel! But can even this cosmic crusader savethe world from the gigantic threat of Galactus? Guest-starring the MegascaleMetatalent Response Team Fantastic Four!

* THE CREATOR: You thought his MARVEL MANGAVERSE book-ends rocked... now seewhat writer/artist Ben Dunn can do when allowed to really cut loose!

* THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this ongoing monthly series is 32 pages,with ads.

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Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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