Preview: <i>Life With Archie #9</i>

Did you ever wonder what Archie would be like as a grownup? If you guessed "hapless," well, you get a cookie. But give the Archie Comics creative team some credit for mixing it up a bit—their Life With Archie magazine features dual storylines in which Archie marries Veronica and Betty, and his life is very different in each one. It's really a very classic choice that follows from the storylines in the comic—with Veronica, Archie gets a high-powered job but never quite feels that he is in control; with Betty, his life is simpler but has its own set of stresses.

Curious? Here's a preview of the latest issue, Life With Archie #9, with a sample of both storylines, and if you like it, remember that Archie is now releasing their comics simultaneously in print and through their iPad app.


Here's the Betty storyline:

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