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When LADY DEATH #1 hit the stands, both loyal fans and those who had neverread her previous adventures didn't know what to expect from Brian Pulido'snew vision. But when the reviews started pouring in, we knew a hit wasgrowing:

"This is a true relaunch of the character with a new origin, a completelydifferent story, and a new #1. Since this is a new version, you can forgeteverything you ever knew about Lady Death, and it's a great read if you'relooking for something new... Brian Pulido did an excellent job with thepacing and dialogue... (while) Ivan Reis's work has never looked thisgood... Give this book a shot. It's more like Lord of the Rings than it isthe previous incarnation of Lady Death, and with CGE behind it, you justknow that this title will continue to be a quality product." -JamieTarquini, Zentertainment.com

"Penciler Ivan Reis and inker Marc Campos bring a nice combination ofsavagery and softness to Lady Death... (it's) a sweet-looking comic in theold school tradition." -Tony Isabella, Tony's Tips

"Artist Ivan Reis seems to be channeling a little Alan Davis... (and) that'sa good thing, helping to give the book a sweeping look... The departure ofthe Chaos! line left a void in the dark fantasy category, and ironically ittook Lady Death to breathe life back into it again." -Randy W. Hall, TheRagged Edge

"(LADY DEATH) features CrossGen's attractive storytelling and pinup-worthyart combination... slick, pretty, and action-packed." -Maggie Thompson,Comics Buyer's Guide

The supernatural sword-swinging continues on March 12th, as writer BrianPulido, penciler Ivan Reis, inker Marc Campos, and colorist Chris Blythecontinue the story of the half-human, half-Eldritch girl named Hope. Risingout of her swampy grave, Hope has sworn vengeance on the villagers whomurdered her mother. But as the cover shows, even an undead warrior needsallies. Enter: the enigmatic knight known as Wolf!

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