PREVIEW: Komikwerks' "Thrills & Chills"

Komikwerks has provided CBR News with a preview from their now available anthology "Thrills & Chills." The solicitation text is below, followed by the preview, "Tales of Blake's Loch, Part 1," written by Shannon Denton & Patrick Coyle, with art by Thomas Perkins.

Official Press Release

Komikwerks Presents: Thrills & Chills

22 Stories, 200 pages - Our biggest anthology yet, including stories co-created and co-written by 2004 Eisner Award winner Keith Giffen, Justice League Unlimited Writer/Producer Dwayne McDuffie, and Batman and Spectre artist Tom Mandrake!

As in all our anthologites, there's something for every reader: Action, humor, horror, suspense, detectives, spies, devils, creatures, monsters, and more!

Keith Giffen, Dwayne McDuffie, Rick Parker, Tom Mandrake, Blue Devil Creator Dan Mishkin, Batman and JLA inker Aaron Sowd, Star Wars: Episode 1 Artist Benton Jew, Sky Captain Artist Anson Jew, Kubert School grads Chris Chua and Matt Jacobs, Image and Marvel artist (and Komikwerks co-founder) Shannon Denton, plus many more talented comics and animation professionals contribute to this great new volume of short comic stories.

In stores now! 200 Pages, B&W interiors, Digest-Sized (5x8")Only $9.95!

Get more info online: http://www.komikwerks.com/previews/preview_kw_thrillsandchills.php

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