PREVIEW: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" #1

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Powered by a surge of critical acclaim and a sneak peek in all of CrossGen'sJanuary titles, KISS KISS BANG BANG #1 rockets into stores on January 14th!Writer Tony Bedard, penciler Mike Perkins, inker Andrew Hennessy andcolorist Laura Villari have unleashed what may be comics' most talked aboutcharacter of 2004...but is the world ready for Sir Charles Basildon? Let'ssee what reviewers -- who received a top-secret preview for their eyes only-- had to say about the debut of the sexy spy series...

"CrossGen delivers a book that fires on all cylinders! Perkins' art isfantastic, and Bedard introduces an exciting cast and a dynamic story thathits the ground running at full speed. The tagline is true: (Charles)Basildon is truly the spy you'll love to hate. Grade: A+" - Robert Scott,Comics Buyer's Guide

"CrossGen continues to explore every comic genre...and nobody does itbetter!" -Comic Shop News

"Great stuff...KISS KISS BANG BANG delivers everything that's in the title,and in the process takes the reader through a fun ride through the spy genrethat's full of potential." -Randy Lander, TheFourthRail.com

"A very promising, winkingly naughty, character-driven spy book...CrossGenhas another breakout hit on their hands, which should follow in thefootsteps of the recently launched EL CAZADOR to become another solid andexciting standalone title backed up with a creative team whose heart isobviously devoted to their work." -Jared Moraitis, HeroRealm.com

"Kudos to Bedard and Perkins for changing my perception ofCrossGen...Bedard's fun stories and witty dialogue, alongside Perkins'wonderfully detailed artwork, have given this book the force of alocomotive!" -Ryan Scott Ottney, MediaSharx.com

"A thrilling, globe-hopping adventure...the first 'must-have' comic of2004!" -Heath Shelby, TheComicFanatic.com

"A delightful updating of a familiar favorite, amplifying some of theinteresting aspects of the Bond legacy with a wicked twist...(and) anotherwinner for CrossGen much in the same mold of EL CAZADOR." -Augie De BlieckJr., ComicBookResources.com

"This isn't your father's secret agent...Curse you, Bedard! Now I have toadd another book to my monthly pull list." -Mike Bullock, BrokenFrontier.com

"Tony Bedard and Mike Perkins put on a clinic on how to whet the appetitefor a comic series...featuring great art, and more evidence that Bedard is africkin' comic genius!" -Mike Maillaro, 411Mania.com

"Explosive and irreverent...Bedard posits that in order for one to assumethe sort of extreme espionage duties associated with 007 and the like, onewould have to be reckless, boast a manic personality and most importantly,one must be an utter a**hole. In other words, Bedard introduces his readersto Sir Charles Basildon." -Don MacPherson, TheFourthRail.com

Don't miss out on the fun: make sure you zoom into your local comicsspecialty store to snag your copy of KISS KISS BANG BANG #1!

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