Preview: Kevin Keller arrives in Riverdale

The Archie Comics folks have put up a preview of Veronica #202 on their blog; this is the comic in which Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in an Archie comic, makes his debut, in a story titled "Isn't It Bro-mantic?"

We don't get to see the big reveal in the preview, but we do get a glimpse of Kevin's burger-eating prowess. I'm not sure where this falls on Bully's list of time lags between trends appearing in real life and appearing in Archie comics; I guess it depends on whether you consider gay pride, competitive eating, or bromance to be the trend in question.

Anyway, the story follows a typical Archie trajectory, with Veronica scheming to get what she wants (only this time she doesn't) and Jughead eating lots of hamburgers. Kevin Keller is a welcome addition, but I doubt things are going to change all that much in Riverdale.

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