PREVIEW: Keith Giffen's "Tag" #2

Boom! Studios has provided CBR News with a seven page preview of "Tag" #2, the second issue of superstar writer Keith Giffen's new horror series. In it, we find Mitch, who is a victim of an ancient pagan curse – he's been "tagged." Now he has to contend with the fallout of this random act of horror and violence. When he looks in the mirror, he can see his skin begin to rot and wither. Meanwhile, his joints stiffen in rigormortis. How will he recover? Removing the curse will require him to "tag" someone else – but who? How does he find them before his body completely falls apart? More horror from the tag team of Wizard's New Hot Boy, Keith Giffen, and "30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales" artist Kody Chamberlain!

Tag #2

Written by Keith Giffen

Drawn by Kody Chamberlain and Chee






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