Preview: <i>Kamen</i>

GEN Manga is a digital manga magazine that publishes doujinshi — fan-made manga. Most people associate doujinshi with Naruto slash and porn, but the range is much wider than that; it's sort of like the American indy-comics scene, with plenty of solid comics made by people who haven't quit their day jobs yet.

GEN is an anthology, and the model so far has been to collect a chapter each of four or more different works in a downloadable PDF for the modest price of $1.99 a month — for that, you get this month's issue and access to all the back issues as well. They have been around for almost a year, so they are just starting to publish collected editions. I ran into GEN Editor-in-Chief Robert McGuire at MangaNEXT, and when he told me that their warrior manga Kamen was going to be published as a standalone series, I asked if he would share a preview with Robot 6 readers. So here you go — and remember, it's manga, so it reads from right to left.

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