PREVIEW: Joe Casey/Charlie Adlard's 'Codeflesh'

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The folks at Funk-O-Tron would like to share a few of the pages from the already completed CodeFlesh. Joe Casey and Charlie Adlard continue to impress audiences worldwide with their grim and gritty urban superhero.

Codeflesh will be featured in Double Take for three consecutive, monthly issues starting with issue #6 shipping this November, the flip side of the book features Rex Mantooth: Kung Fu Gorilla by Matt Fraction and Andy Kuhn.

"Larry Young, of AiT/PlanetLar, contacted me on behalf of the creative team about taking on this book." Says publisher Robert Kirkman. "Funk-O-Tron has two rules in publishing, it has to be of the highest possible quality, or I had to write it."

"After seeing this book I knew it fit at least one of the rules, and I didn't write it."

Double Take #6 is featured in the September issue of Previews on page 284 (Order Code Sep012027)

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