PREVIEW: Incredible Hulk #34

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Cover By Kaare Andrews

Bruce Jones (w)/John Romita, Jr. (p)/Tom Palmer (i)

o THE SCOOP: Beginning a new era as legendary horror comics writer Bruce Jones (Creepy, Eerie), penciler John Romita, Jr., inker Tom Palmer, and cover artist Kaare Andrews bring you a bold vision of the monster known as the Hulk!

o THE SET-UP: For years, Dr. Bruce Banner has shouldered the weight of his monstrous alter ego, finding solace in a simple belief -- that whatever destruction the Hulk is capable of, there's a line the monster will never cross. That's all about to change. When the Hulk is implicated in an unspeakable act, Banner must embark on a harrowing voyage that will force him to confront the deepest truths about himself -- and the beast inside him!

o THE STORY: When Banner crosses paths with a young boy who's made a pact with the Devil, Banner must consider playing the one trump card at his disposal -- but dare he conjure it?

o THE WRITER SPEAKS: "I'll borrow from my 'darker' stories the sense of heightened reality that's always been a staple of my work, but the new Hulk won't be a horror series," explained Jones. "If I had to use a key word it would probably be 'paranoia.' Essentially, this is a story about one man up against the wall whose worst enemy is himself. To a lesser or greater degree, that's true of all of us. You may love the Hulk, or hate him or admire him or whatever, but at the end of the day he's in a class by himself; it's Banner who's most like the rest of us, and it's his psyche I'll be probing."

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-04745-1-03411 (MarvelPG) 2.50

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