PREVIEW: Image's "The Wicked West"

Image Comics has provided CBR News with a five-page preview of "The Wicked West," hitting comic shops this Wednesday. Click the images below to enlarge. Image's solicitation copy is included below.

The Wicked West

by (W) Todd Livingston, Robert Tinnell, (A) Neil Vokes and (C) Scott Keating

THE BLACK FOREST was this spring's sleeper horror masterpiece, selling outin mere weeks while garnering rave reviews. Now TBF's creators are back, andthis time they're bringing you Hell on horseback. Imagine the Outlaw JoseyWales riding into 'Salem's Lot and that'll get you to the core of THE WICKEDWEST. The year is 1870, the place is the Texas frontier town of Javer'sTanks. Cotton Coleridge is a man running from his past. And being new intown, he's the one the locals blame when folks start dyin' mysteriously. Bythe time the truth gets out, half the town has diedSand come back. Cotton'squick with a gun, but guns don't work on vampires!

October 20, 2004 - $9.95 - 96 pages in FULL COLOR!

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