PREVIEW: Image's "The Expatriate" #2

Image Comics has provided CBR News with a six page preview of "Expatriate" #2 due in stores May 18th. For more on the series, check out our chat with writer B. Clay Moore from last December.



monthly ongoing series

full color

32 pages

written by B. CLAY MOORE

art & cover by JASON LATOUR


Jack Dexter is a man on the run. He knows who he's running from (the CIA), but he doesn't know why. All he knows is that he can't be caught, dead or alive. So his flight takes him across the globe in a desperate attempt to stay one step ahead of his pursuers. And that's a good thing. Because Jack won't like what happens when he's finally caught.


Jack finds himself below the border, bleeding and scrambling to stay ahead of Conrad and Murphy, CIA agents with blood on their itchy trigger fingers. The local politicos are curious as to why two CIA agents are poking around in their quiet little country. Meanwhile, Jack discovers that a one-night stand isn't always a good thing. The CIA is getting closer, and Jack is getting slower. Sooner or later, he has to get caught…right?


THE EXPATRIATE is ™ and © B. Clay Moore, 2004. All Rights Reserved.

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