PREVIEW: "I Am Legend: Awakening" Book 1

Warner Bros. has provided CBR News with a special preview of the Vertigo graphic novel "I Am Legend: Awakening," a prequel to the forthcoming Will Smith-starring motion picture based on the classic Richard Matheson novel about the last man alive.

As reported by CBR News at this summer's Comic-Con International in San Diego, the project drew a diverse list of talent not only from comics, but from games and the film itself. This group, which includes Bill Sienkiewicz, screenwriter Mark Protosevich, and author Orson Scott Card delivered a comic that does not tell the story of the film, but instead explores its world. Jason Chan, a designer from Massive Black, and David Levy, both come to comics for the first time.

I Am Legend: Awakening

Book 1

Story 4: Sacrificing The Few For The Many

Writer: Dawn Thomas

Artist: Jason Chan

A deadly virus has taken hold of the world - rejected by a few (the immune), killing many (the dead), and leaving the rest (the infected) - who live on to hunt the living, after dark. The following are voices paying homage to Richard Matheson's classic novel. This is the experience of a dying mankind and the foretelling of a new world before we meet the legend, Robert Neville.

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