PREVIEW: 'Hulk/Wolverine: 6 Hours' #1

PREVIEW: 'Hulk/Wolverine: 6 Hours' #1

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Forget Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Move over Tom Cruise and Will Smith. Twoof 2003's biggest box-office giants are The House's own Wolverine and theHulk, and early next year the two stars team up in a Marvel-style 'buddyflick' ... only these buddies fight. HULK/WOLVERINE: 6 HOURS debuts thisJanuary with the release of the first two issues of this new four-issuelimited series.

Featuring art by Scott Kolins and covers by Simon Bisley, 6 HOURS is writtenby Bruce Jones, the critic and fan-favorite writer of INCREDIBLE HULK.Covering just six hours in 'real time', the series pits the Hulk andWolverine in a race against a ticking clock and on-the-run drug dealers tosave the life of a young boy.

Readers can check out the first 'few minutes' of the conflict with a free12-page DOTCOMICS preview of issue #1 appearing right now at Marvel.com. Andretailers can take a look at the action too before HULK/WOLVERINE: 6 HOURS#1 & 2's Initial Order Cut-Off date of 12/06.

And to get started, here's a look at the first two pages. The dotComicpreview continues at http://dotcomics.marvel.com/lib/launchissue.php?issue=138

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