PREVIEW: 'Hulk: Nightmerica'

Official Press Release

This past weekend, fans who bought advanced tickets to WIZARDWORLD EAST gota full, preview copy of HULK: NIGHTMERICA #1, the first issue of a new6-issue limited series premiering June 25th. Written by Robin Laws (IRONMAN) and fully-painted by artist Brian Ashmore, this beautifully-illustratedmini-series tells the haunting tale of fugitive Doctor Bruce Banner, whodiscovers that being on the run is a little bit easier when you have acharming young woman to run with. But his new friend - the beautiful andmysterious Chrissie Cutler - has her own secrets, and her own demons to runfrom! And their adventure takes them to a secret and sinister place calledNightmerica!

HULK: NIGHTMERICA #1, with a cover price of $2.99, goes on-sale 6/25 andretailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off date is 6/5.

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