PREVIEW: Hulk Faces the Silver Surver in "Incredible Hulk" #95

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The Hulk and his team of gladiators have survived every obstacle that has been put before them. In Incredible Hulk #95, they enter the Great Arena one final time to do battle with…the Silver Surfer?

On a world far from Earth, the last person the Hulk expected to see as an opposing gladiator was the Silver Surfer. But now, the Green Goliath is going to have to smash the Silver Savage of the Great Arena just to survive on this strange, alien planet.

As the "Exile" chapter of Planet Hulk comes to an end, the Hulk is faced with a momentous decision: does he stand by his Warbound gladiators or does he seize the honors of the Empire? Plus, a betrayal, temptation, and the greatest battle the Great Arena has ever seen.

Do not miss Incredible Hulk #95 as the first chapter of the Planet Hulk epic ends with the fiercest gladiator battle ever committed to a comics page.


Written by GREG PAK


Cover by LADRÖNN

32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

FOC - 5/11, On Sale - 5/31/2006

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