EXCL. PREVIEW: It's Revenge of the Bodega in Harley Quinn #44

When her favorite bodega spot goes boom, it's time to turn into the Dark Knight and investigate in CBR's exclusive preview of Harley Quinn #44.

The creative team of writer Christopher Sebela and artist Mirka Andolfo have sent Harley on a quest for answers and revenge on the hooded group responsible for blowing up her favorite bodega. If the terrorists wanted to get Harley Quinn's attention, they've definitely succeeded in doing just that. However, Harley's wild hunt has the potential to lead to the destruction of New York. And on top of that, nobody believes her, which is only bound to make matters worse.

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CBR's exclusive preview, along with cover and solicitation text, is found below:

Harley Quinn #44

  • Written by Christopher Sebela
  • Art by Mirka Andolfo
  • Cover by John Timms
  • Variant Cover by Frank Cho
  • And in issue #44, she’s up crazy creek without a hoagie when Harley Quinn goes full Batman to hunt down whoever made her favorite bodega go boom. But while digging her way through a twisted trail of clues, Harley discovers trouble that could mean the end of New York City…only nobody believes her!
  • 32 pages... $2.99
  • On sale 6/20/2018
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