EXCLUSIVE: John Stewart Assembles an Insane Team in Green Lantern Corps #48

The end may be near for Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, but DC Comics' premier team of emerald ring-slingers aren't about to go down to the Darkstars without a fight. But you have to wonder if it's worth saving the Corps if it means teaming with these guys...

Though the series comes to a conclusion with August's Issue #50, there's still a lot of story left for Robert Venditti, Rafa Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona left to tell, not the least of which is how the core Corps members' new "recruits" will get along -- or perhaps a better question is if they can get along.

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As the Darkstars continue to rip through the Green Lantern Corps like so much cosmic paper mache, John Stewart assembles an unlikely crew consisting of Jordan, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner, along with unlikely allies General Zod, Hector Hammond, Yellow Lantern Arkillo and the New God Orion. Why Stewart and Jordan believe they can trust any of these to be dependable allies is a god question, though the old adage of desperate times calling for desperate measures obviously answers it to a degree. Perhaps the better question is whether any of the four less than savory recruits will actually help save the Corps, or if one or more of them will ultimately end up dooming it is a more pertinent question to be asking.

Check out CBR's exclusive preview below, along with the issue's official solicitation text.

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  • written by ROBERT VENDITTI
  • cover by DOUG MAHNKE
  • variant cover by TYLER KIRKHAM
  • The Green Lanterns fight alongside the Guardians of the Universe! The murderous Darkstars arrive en masse at Mogo to wipe out the Corps for good, so it’s all hands on deck to save the GL headquarters. Meanwhile, Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner & Kyle Rayner make their respective battle plans, but time’s running out for a miracle. Can we move Daylight Savings to July to get that extra hour? Our boys and girls in green are gonna need it.
  • ON SALE 07.11.18
  • $2.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T
  • This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.

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