PREVIEW: 'Grendel: God and the Devil' #0

By: Matt Wagner & Tim Sale

Cover by: Tim Sale

Page 4

Hunter Rose was only the beginning. Christine Spar and Brian Li Sung: merely pawns in the Devil's grip, incubating the spirit of Grendel until it was ready to explode into the world and spread across all of human consciousness like a virus infecting its host. Now, several hundred years in the future, as mankind slowly pulls itself together after a third World War, opportunistic religions and obsessive corporations battle for attention. But one force rises above it all and dominates the public psyche -- there's a new drug in town, it's euphoric, it's deadly, it's called Grendel!

On sale January 8

FC, 32pg...$3.50

The DC Multiverse's Most Powerful Cosmic God Has Returned

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