PREVIEW: "Grendel: Behold The Devil" #3

Dark Horse Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive first look at next Wednesday's "Grendel: Gehold the Devil" by Matt Wagner. The solicitations text and preview images follow. Once you're done checking out this preview, drop by CBR's Indie Comics forum and share your thoughts on what you think of this preview and the series thus far.


On sale Jan 16

b&w w/red, 24 pages



Hunter Rose and the mysterious wolf Argent clash in bloody combat high above the streets of New York! A previously secret chapter in the life of the original Grendel unfolds courtesy of writer and artist Matt Wagner!

Pursued by a presence he cannot pinpoint or define, the usually confident assassin and criminal mastermind Hunter Rose becomes increasingly uncomfortable in his own skin. Even a walk in Central Park with his adopted daughter Stacy does little to calm his frazzled mind. When an unexpected confrontation with his nemesis Argent reveals it isn't the wolf who's troubling him, Grendel must ask-who is haunting Hunter Rose?

• Matt Wagner writes and draws Grendel for the first time in twelve years!

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