PREVIEW: Getting Deep into the 'Underworld'

IDW Publishing has provided CBR News with a five page preview from the first issue of their upcoming mini-series "Underworld: Red in Tooth and Claw," the official prequel story to the hit film. Back in December CBR News told you about the series written by "Underworld" screenwriter Danny McBride and Kris Oprisko who are joined by artists Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich.

"This prequel miniseries delves into the background of the vampire-lycan war-a war that has raged for centuries," writer Kris Oprisko told CBR News in December. "The year is 1373, and the war has spilled out of Europe and into Africa. Lycans have made their way into the African plains, with a squad of Death Dealers in hot pursuit. As death and destruction crests in the area, a local champion arises to attempt to rid the land of evil. This great African warrior is named Koro, but 'Underworld' fans will recognize him by the name he later received… Raze."

Click the images below to enlarge. The first issue hit stands in February.

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