PREVIEW: "Gear School"

Dark Horse has provided CBR News with a special look at "Gear School" by Adam Gallardo ("Star Wars: Infinities-Return of the Jedi;" "100 Girls") and illustrated by Núria Peris ("Star Wars Tales," "Karas").

A full color, lavishly illustrated 96-page trade paperback, "Gear School" ships this week to finer comics stores everywhere. When you're done checking out these exciting preview pages, stop by CBR's Indie Comics forum to discuss "Gear School" with fellow readers.

Gear School TPB

Writer: Adam Gallardo

Artist: Núria Peris, Sergio Sandoval

Genre: Science-Fiction, Action/Adventure

In the future, humanity is in a seemingly endless war with an alien race. The struggle is dominated by giant war machines called Gear, and operating these machines is the dream of most of society. But drivers aren't born, they are made-training at elite military academies begins at a young age. The most prestigious school, the E. D. Swinton Academy, known to its teachers and students as Gear School, is exacting, rigorous, and unforgiving.Only the best and the brightest are allowed to drive these behemoths. The process of elimination begins in junior high.

"'Gear School' is an idea that has been kicking around in my head for a while, so I'm happy to finally have the chance to do it," said creator Adam Gallardo. "It combines two of my favorite things: teen angst and giant fighting robots! What's not to love? Then there's Núria Peris's awesome robot designs and beautiful illustrations."

Thirteen-year-old Teresa Gottlieb has just entered the most prestigious military academy, known to all as Gear School, to try and become one of those elite. But on top of all the usual troubles that a seventh-grader has to put up with-boys, social cliques, hellish instructors-she also has to deal with three-story-tall robots and alien invasions!

Teresa needs to learn that when the bell rings, the adventure starts.

Electric Warriors #3

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