PREVIEW: "Fathom" #11

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J.T. Krul ­ writer / Koi Turnbull ­ pencils / Sal Regla, Don Ho, Jeff De Los Santos ­ inks / David Moran - colors

The finale issue of Fathom: Volume 2!

On the verge of losing their entire race to the destructive might of Admiral Maylander and his forces, only ONE hope remains to avoid total annihilation. However, the price of victory is high, with the cost of many lives?even as one of their closest allies falls! The time has arrived! It¹s Aspen versus Maylander in a final showdown! Only one will walk away victorious?and nothing will ever be the same again! By the way, did we mention the ending?it¹s to die for! So please join writer J. T. Krul, artist Koi Turnbull, along with Sal Regla and David Moran, as Aspen proudly presents to you the breathtaking finale issue of Michael Turner¹s, Fathom Volume 2!!

FC 32 pages $2.99

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