PREVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #509 (spoilers)

Official Press Release

A certain beloved member of the Fantastic Four may have died tragically inthis month's FANTASTIC FOUR #508 (don't look at the images if you don't wantto know), but the fan-favorite creative team of Mark Waid and Mike WieringoLIVE! As Marvel readers demanded, the creative duo start their new FF leaseon life with January's FANTASTIC FOUR #509, the beginning of the newthree-part story arc, "HEREAFTER"!

In their journeys, they've traveled to other planets, other universes andeven other dimensions, facing down such cosmic threats as the destroyer ofall things - Galactus. But where the now "Fantastic Three" are going inJanuary is an otherworldly realm they've never been. They're embarking onthe most desperate adventure in their careers, storming the gates of Heavenitself and leading to an ultimate showdown with the CREATOR of everything!

The 32-page FANTASTIC FOUR #509 [NOV031488], the first chapter in thethree-part, HEREAFTER" story arc, goes on sale January 21st with a coverprice of $2.25. Retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off (FOC) date isMonday, 12/29. Readers, ask your local comic book retailer to reserve yourcopy!

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