PREVIEW: "Ezra" #1

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Arcana Studio has provided CBR News with a preview of the EZRA #1, a four-issue series shipping for June.

The four-part limited series features the medieval mercenary to work out a trade between two less-than-reputable parties. The issues are drawn by newcomer artist Alfonso Ruiz, colored by Grupo EsComic and cover by Greg Horn.

Writer Sean O'Reilly has provided insight into the seductive Ezra. "Ezra's past is shrouded with intrigue and circumstance. Her parents died tragically when she was young and at the age of 12 she began living off the streets surviving using her guile and wit. Her skills continued to develop and she started to acquire odd jobs that exploited her unique abilities. She became a rogue for hire. Ezra has just accepted her next assignment, trading two very powerful artifacts, and an assignment where she will come face to face with the goddess, Nephilia."

Ezra is a crucial character in the Kade storyline, and we've had so many people ask if we were giving Ezra her own series that we had to take a shot at it. The story is completely separate from the Kade storyline, but might have the occasional reference. The Ezra mini-series takes place in Egypt where a story of historical fiction unravels with mystery, monsters and even a goddess. The series begins as Ezra is trapped on a pirate ship and is put into a very perilous situation with a group of bandits. The first four pages presented to Newsarama wonderfully illustrates the story and Ruiz' tight pencils and clean looking style.

Ezra vs. Ravyn

When first pitched, the character of Ezra was originally named Ravyn. Avatar Press contacted us and notified us of their character named Ravyn, and that we were infringing on their trademarked name. At the time we were still at a stage where we were able to change her name without any headaches or hassles and re-named the character Ezra. Ezra is now a trademarked name and I actually prefer the name as it's unique, edgy and strong.

Greg Horn

Greg Horn's cover for Ezra #1 shows the gothic beauty with the Sword of Turrin and the Eye of the Serpent, the two items that Ezra is required to trade. He enjoyed completing this piece saying that she was a distinctive and rare beauty. Greg Horn's art can be in on the cover of Elektra, Emma Frost and Wizard magazines.

Ezra will be spotlighted in April's Previews and is available now for pre-orders online from Arcana Studio.

Si vales, gaudeo!

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