PREVIEW: Exiles #26, debut of new penciler

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In last month's Exiles #22, loyal readers of the fan-favorite title got asneak peek of art from the series' new, then-unnamed, regular penciler.Since then Previews for titles on-sale in May 2003 have revealed that theartist is one Clayton Henry, who begins his run in May with EXILES #26, thebeginning of the 2-part story arc "HARD CHOICES"!

As it's written by Uncanny X-Men's Chuck Austen and features the return ofMagik into the pages of an ongoing series, readers already have two goodreasons to check out EXILES #26. But what the issue will ultimately beremembered for is the debut of Marvel's latest creative find. Henry joins agrowing list of new artistic talent - like Olivier Coipel, Adrian Alphona,Skottie Young, the Lai Brothers, Phillip Tan, Francisco Ruiz Velasco andothers - who are infusing Marvel with a new youthful energy.

"The name Clayton Henry may not ring a bell with readers right now, but injust a few months that's all going to change, and fans in the know can checkout his first work in EXILES," said series editor Mike Raicht. "We alreadyhave Clayton's first two issues in hand and it just gets better and betterpage by page. He's bringing a great animation flavor to the book and EXILEScouldn't be in better hands. Fans are in for a real nice surprise."

EXILES #22 goes on sale May 7th and retailers are reminded its Final OrderCut-off date is April 17th.

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