PREVIEW: "Elephantmen" #11

Image Comics has provided CBR News with an advance look at "Elephantmen" #11, shipping October 17 to finer comic stores everywhere. When you're done checking out these exciting previews. stop by CBR's Image Comics forum to discuss "Elephantmen" with fellow readers.



by Starkings & Moritat, cover by Ladrönn, flip cover by Moritat

Nikken: Creator of the Elephantmen, Scientist, Geneticist. Imprisoned for crimes against humanity. Serengheti: African, Businessman, a man who hates the Elephantmen. These are two men driven by hungers and desires that would chill the souls of ordinary mortals, yet still pawns in a bigger game played by men of much darker visions.

Issue #11 also features a six-page tribute to our good friend Mike Wieringo, including an interview about his childhood (the latest in our ongoing "Father's Day" series), and the step-by-step creation of the Hip Flask pinup he drew for us a few years back.

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