PREVIEW: 'Dragons Lair' #1

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Two decades ago, Dragon's Lair thrilled fans by combining feature-qualityanimation with revolutionary computer technology. Recently a whole newgeneration of players discovered Bluth's genius through the acclaimedDragon's Lair 3D game. And now, on August 6th, everyone who loves theclassic Bluth art style is invited once again to a time of swords, sorcery,brave knights and fighting-mad princesses! Celebrating the 20th Anniversaryof the smash hit arcade game, MVCreations and CrossGen present DRAGON'SLAIR: SINGE'S REVENGE!

The six-issue mini-series follows the further adventures Dirk the Daring andPrincess Daphne, as they return from an astonishing adventure in the FreeRealms only to be attacked by the great dragon Singe and his evil minions!Singe has vowed revenge against Dirk for killing his offspring, and Daphneis caught in the dread dragon's claws! Armed only with his courage andskill, Dirk must brave the Dark Kingdom and all its evils in order to savethe Princess from Singe!

"We're absolutely thrilled to be working with animation legend Don Bluth onthe comic book series, said MVCreations president Val Staples. "Don's beenfantastic and has been involved in every aspect of the book, from thestory's conception all the way to the art production. This is a book thatstays true to the Dragon's Lair mythos while also setting the stage for somebig screen adventures."

"We've revved together an outstanding creative team to bring the series tolife," raved MVCreations art director Matt Tyree. "Star Wars and Star Treknovelist Andy Mangles has written a wonderfully witty and humorous actionadventure script. Penciler Fabio Laguna worked closely with Don Bluth, GaryGoldman and the Bluth Group in order to capture the animated dynamics ofDragon's Lair and translated the look and feel into comic book format. Andcolorist Tony Washington's hues are breathtaking!"

"It's very rewarding to be working on a series that will not only appeal toveteran comic book readers, but also with children as well," remarkedMVCreations marketing director Jonboy Meyers. "We've wanted to producesomething that will appeal to an audience of all ages, and DRAGON'S LAIR:SINGE'S REVENGE certainly delivers the goods. Kids will love the fast-pacedaction and visuals, while older fans will get a kick out of the Shrek-likehumor."

DRAGON'S LAIR: SINGE'S REVENGE #1 can be ordered in the CrossGen section ofthe June Diamond Previews catalog. Lead on, adventurer . . . your questawaits!

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