PREVIEW: Dodson art from 'Wolverine #186'

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They say he who laughs last, laughs best, and if that's true thecreators of Wolverine are going to have a big 'ole belly laugh at theexpense of the Punisher and Garth Ennis early next year.

February's WOLVERINE #186 is payback time, as Wolverine seeksrevenge for the brutal treatment he received at the hands of Frank Castle inPUNISHER #16 & 17, courtesy the sometimes ... okay, often ... sadisticEnnis.

"Garth had his fun with Wolverine in the pages of PUNISHER. Frank[Tieri] wanted payback," explained WOLVERINE editor Axel Alonso. "Don'tworry, it's all in good fun . . . I think."

And while Wolverine's retaliation promises to get ugly, it's goingto look real pretty, as special guest-penciler Terry Dodson will illustratethe stand-alone story.

"Terry was looking to explore his sensitive side," said Alonso."What better place than a 22-page brawl?"

WOLVERINE #186 goes on sale February 19th 2003, and retailers arereminded the Final Order Cut-off date is January 30th.

Michael Doran

Marketing Communications Manager

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