PREVIEW: "DMZ" #18 and #19 - "Friendly Fire" Begins!

Brian Wood has provided CBR News with an advance look at the new issue of his hugely acclaimed Vertigo series DMZ. Shipping this week, issue #19 is the second part of DMZ's new storyline Friendly Fire, which Wood describes as the perfect arc to come in on if you're not reading the book already. For just those readers, Wood has also treated us with a preview of last month's issue #18:

Matty’s out of his undercover role and back in investigative journalist mode, with Zee and Wilson and Liberty News back in the mix. This arc deals with the “Day 204″ massacre, hinted at a bit in issue #12, and inspired by real events like Haifa and Abu Graib. Early on in the DMZ-war, a horrible war crime occurred and the soldiers involved are being hauled before a tribunal. But how guilty are they? Do any of their superiors - not charged with any crime - also to blame? How far up the chain of command does the responsibility go? Matty’s tasked with interviewing all involved to find out - the soldiers AND the survivors. We also get another peek at what life was like in America in the lead-up to the war.

This arc approaches the massacre from multiple points of view, Rashomon-style, and we have several guests artists helping Riccardo out, each handling a different person’s story. First up in #18 is Nathan Fox, to be followed by Viktor Kalvachev and Kristian Donaldson.

"DMZ" #19

Part 2 of Friendly Fire ships this week in DMZ #19. After hearing the young Grunts' version of the infamous Day 204 Massacre, Matty Roth interviews his commanding officer, who gives a much more sanitized version of the day's events. Meanwhile, a military tribunal plans to release the charges on all those involved with the massacre, throwing the DMZ into chaos.

For more on DMZ, check out our in-depth interview with Brian Wood from earlier this year, and then stop by CBR's Vertigo forum to discuss DMZ with fellow fans.

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