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[Digital Webbing Presents #3]Haverhill, MA - Recently spotlighted in Wizard magazine, the popular internet collaborative comic DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS returns with issue #3 in June 2002. The acclaimed anthology ups the ante by including the work of pro artist Anthony Castrillo, who provides full art for one of the six interior stories.

"We're excited that DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS features both new and established talent," remarked publisher Ed Dukeshire. "It's a testament to the unique format of DWP that professional writers and artists are interested in participating."

"It's really a grass roots effort by people who love comics - and for people who love comics," writer/artist Franchesco! remarked. "There's a real affection for the work in DWP - the fans have a genuine and honest appreciation for the stories."

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS is the print offshoot of Dukeshire's immensely popular comic book talent website, www.digitalwebbing.com, which receives thousands of visitors daily. The site draws a community of both aspiring and professional creators. "I was amazed by the talent of the people who visited Digital Webbing and posted in the message forums," explained Dukeshire. "A book like DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS allows these creators to flex their creative muscles and get their work noticed."

Artist Castrillo's previous credits include work for Marvel Comics (X-Force, X-Men), DC Comics (Flash, Impulse). In DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #3, he teams with new writer Doug Giffin to present "Harlow's End." Giffin elaborated, "It's a story of Elijah, a young man beginning a journey of self-discovery, Elijah lives on the streets of Harlow's End, the slum of a dystopian megalopolis - and Anthony's incredible attention to detail truly brings Harlow's End to life." Giffin and Castrillo are joined by Dukeshire, who letters the tale.

Other offerings in DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #3 are equally exciting. In the third installment of "The Team: Dream Come True," Matt Starnes, Diego Jourdan and Diego Barreto conclude the tale of the wacky supergroup. Writer/artist Franchesco! presents the birth of a hero in "Xstacy: Advent." Steve O'Connell, Richard Connelly, Rob Lansley and Chris Mendoza explore an assassination in "The Nest," while Chris Kirby and Juan Moreno journey to the "Dark Side of the Moon." Finally, Mike Scigliano and Mermuse document a shocking 1920s experiment in "Not Quite Lab Rats."

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS offers readers another attraction - as of issue #2, the interior paper quality has been upgraded, while the price remains at $2.95. "Although the 48-page DWP is already an excellent value at $2.95, we thought our readers would appreciate the higher quality, brighter paper," said Dukeshire. The stunning wraparound cover by Franchesco! will be printed on the same, full-color stock as the previous covers by Marvel Comics artists Deon Nuckols (DWP #1) and Skott Young (DWP #2).

Wizard featured DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS in a March article, which attracted the attention of both the magazine's loyal followers and established industry pros. DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS has also enjoyed the support of the online comics community, as well as several retailers who have offered discounts on the books to bring awareness to the title.

In addition, several DWP creators will be making the convention rounds this year to promote this book - Franchesco! and Giffin are both planning visits to Comicon-San Diego and WizardWorld-Chicago.

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #3 ($2.95 US, $4.00 CAN) will be solicited in the April Previews for a June release.

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