EXCL. PREVIEW: Deacon Blackfire Returns to Claim Batman in Detective Comics #982

Batman's hunt for a missing young boy into the subterranean tunnels of Gotham City leads him directly into the crosshairs of Deacon Blackfire in CBR's exclusive preview of Detective Comics #982.

The creative team of writer Michael Moreci, artist Sebastian Fiumara, colorist Dave Stewart and letterer Clem Robins send the Dark Knight into the sewers of Gotham City, where Deacon Blackfire makes his return after a brush with the Spectre. The ghost/metahuman has taken charge of a group of homeless citizens to use in his crusade, but what evil plans does Deacon Blackfire have in store for Gotham and Batman? The spirit has the power to control the homeless, but will his powers work on the Caped Crusader?

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Check out the solicitation text for Wednesday's Detective Comics #982 and CBR's exclusive preview below:

Detective Comics #982

  • Written by Michael Moreci
  • Art by Sebastian Fiumara
  • Colors by Dave Stewart
  • Letters by Clem Robins
  • "The Cursing of Gotham City!" The abduction of a child by a strange, militant, religious sect of Gotham's homeless takes Batman into the city's darkest subterranean tunnels... and into the upside-down world of the vicious spirit Deacon Blackfire!
  • 32 pages... $2.99
  • On sale 6/13/18

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