Preview: "Degrassi: Extra Credit" Volume 4

Epitome Pictures' Christopher Jackson has provided CBR News with a special preview of the upcoming "Degrassi: Extra Credit, Volume 4: Safety Dance." And when you're done, make sure to chat with other "Degrassi" fans on the CBR Forums.

Degrassi: Extra Credit, Volume 4- Safety Dance

Written by J. Torres; Illustrated by Steve Rolston; Cover art by Ed Northcott

When Marco witnesses Dylan get into a fight with a homophobic hockey player, he's suddenly super self-conscious about the way the world looks at him. Dylan wants to take their relationship to the next level, but Marco is holding them back. What will it take for Marco to move forward?

Ashley is back from merry ol' England but she's finding it hard to reconnect with her stepbrother Toby and to rekindle the romance with ex-boyfriend Jimmy. Is her talk of all things British keeping them at a distance...? Or is it her hideous hat?

Canada - from Fenn Publishing, in stores April 23, 2007 United States - from Pocket Books / Simon & Schuster, in stores May 8, 2007

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