PREVIEW: David Lapham's "Darkness" #17 from Top Cow

Next Wednesday sees the release of "Darkness" #17 from Top Cow/Image Comics. The issue features the first of the four-part "Hell House" storyline written by "Stray Bullets" creator David Lapham with art by Brian Denham. Top Cow has provided CBR News with a four-page preview of the book

"Basically it's a deadly serious, darkly comic story involving an Atlantic City casino, a desperate woman, a gaggle of demons, the mob, a gun, a knife, a sword, a pair of dice, the beach, a boat, a hacksaw, two hookers, a Russian named Ivan, a yucky meal, and a really, really, long ear canal," explained writer David Lapham. "The challenge is to make this the darkest, most twisted and sickest comic you've ever seen-yet still fun for the whole family."

"There is no one, but no one in comics who does real-life horrow like David Lapham," said Top Cow Editor-In-Chief Jim McLauchlin. "His 'Stray Bullets' is one of the most riveting reads in comics, and just as a fan, I love seeing him apply that same sensibility to 'The Darkness.'"

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