PREVIEW: "Darkness: Level 4"

Top Cow has provided CBR News with a preview of of "Darkness: Level 4," a tie-in seires to "The Darkness" video game. For more, we spoke with writers Paul Jenkins and David Wohl last year about the series and the game. The solicitation copy and preview images follow.

The Darkness: Level 4(W) Paul Jenkins and David Wohl (P) Patrick Blaine (Cov) Keown, Stjepan

Welcome to the world of The Darkness. In this special issue, find out what it means to be not the bearer of The Darkness, but part of the power itself. Through the eyes of the Schlog, the German darkling creatures in the hellish world of The Darkness, we'll see for the first time what it's like to serve The Darkness. This terrifying look into the inner workings of The Darkness brings a new level of horror to Jackie's world!

This special series, brought to you by The Darkness video game/comic scribe Paul Jenkins and The Darkness co-creator David Wohl, parallels the levels of the much anticipated video game by 2K, while bringing you original stories that show you a side of The Darkness you've never seen. These stand-alone stories can be enjoyed without the video game, but add a new level to the playing experience!

Cover A) Dale Keown

Cover B) Stjepan Sejic

Full Color 32 pages $2.99

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