PREVIEW: CrossGen's 'Silken Ghost' #1

Official Press Release

[Silken Ghost #1]She slices, she dices...and she looks cool doing it! Her face masked and herwords few, the enigmatic fighter known as the Silken Ghost quickly capturedthe attention of WAY OF THE RAT readers. Now the silent sensation leaps intothe spotlight to star in the five-issue SILKEN GHOST miniseries!

When a crisis strikes the Temple of Ghosts, five banished warriors arecalled home to defend their master... and should they fail, the entire worldwill fall to an evil from beyond the grave! What is the true nature of thismistress of the martial arts...and just who is the Laughing Ghost? We'll allfind out on May 14th, when writer Chuck Dixon, penciler Will Rosado, inkerChuck Gibson, and colorist Michael Atiyeh prove that spirits can kill!

(The attached art is: (tm) & © 2000 - 2003 CrossGen Intellectual Property,LLC. All Rights Reserved.)

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