PREVIEW: CrossGen's 'Lady Death' #11

Official Press Release

You've marveled at his art in Captain Marvel, now feast your eyes on AaronLopresti's pencils in the pages of LADY DEATH #11! Lopresti, who formerlytransfixed readers in the pages of MYSTIC, has jumped onboard for atwo-issue run that takes readers directly to the launch of LADY DEATH: THEWILD HUNT #1!

The scheming Archbishop Vittorio is determined to find the bridge thatconnects Europe to the kingdom of the supernatural Eldritch...while LadyDeath has already crossed it! Can Hope and the warrior knight known as Wolfstop the race war before it explodes? Writer Brian Pulido, penciler AaronLopresti, inker Pablo Marcos and colorist Justin Thyme reveal all on Feb.4th!

Your Connection @ CrossGen,

Bill Rosemann

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