PREVIEW: CrossGen's "El Cazador" #5

Official Press Release

Her own family kidnapped, Captain Sin has no love for those who take othersagainst their will. And as you'll see in EL CAZADOR #5, she translates thosefeelings into action with a midnight raid on a packed slave ship!

In their latest issue, Wizard says "Writer Chuck Dixon weaves such a tense,action-packed tale that we were left hovering on the edge of the gangplankafter issue #4!" Now we can all find out what the unpredictable she-devil ofthe sea will do next on February 25th when Dixon, artist Steve Epting, andcolorist Jason Keith once again set sail for adventure!

Also included in this issue: An eight-page preview of LADY DEATH: THE WILDHUNT #1, featuring pencils by superstar Jim Cheung!

Your Connection @ CrossGen,

Bill Rosemann

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