Preview: "City Of Heroes" #18

Official Press Release

City of Heroes #18

(W) Sean Michael Fish

(P) Mark A. Robinson

(I) Rob Hunter, Mark Prudeaux

(C ) Blond

(Cov) David Nakayama

Fresh off a successful stint Safeguarding Paragon City, Ms. Liberty has to deal with a twisted version of herself from Praetorian Earth…Dominatrix. The Lass of Liberty decides that a tour of the City of Heroes is just what the Statesman ordered for the Praetorian princess. An encounter with the Carnival of Shadows, a night of dancing in the Tiki Lounge at the Pocket D night club, and a grudge match with one of Ms. Liberty's most hated enemies are just a of the few things is store for our heroines on…Ladies Night.

Full Color 32 pages $2.99

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