PREVIEW: Captain America: Dead Man Running #1

Official Press Release

Page 6

Hey, True Believer!

I'm back from my vacation with a funny story to tell you: I drove throughSouth Carolina last Sunday and picked up the Charlotte Observor. So what wason the cover of their entertainment section? Would you believe a feature onHEROES? And what did I see when I turned on FoxNews on Thanksgiving? Wouldyou believe a feature on HEROES? It was pretty cool... and the in-lawsfinally understood what I did for a living!

Anyway, Now that I'm back I feel like sharing some more Marvel magic withyou. So here's the first six pages to CAPTAIN AMERICA: DEAD MAN RUNNING #1(on sale January 9th) by penciler Daniel Zezelj ... plus the painted coverby acclaimed artist Derek Hess!

'Nuff Said!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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