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Marvel Knights Sr. Editor Stuart Moore just passed on this cool cover toCAPTAIN AMERICA #1 by series' penciler John Cassaday... and I figured youand your readers would like to see it, too! This highly-anticipated issue,which kicks off the debut of the title under the Marvel Knights imprint,responds to the horrific events of September 11th, and will go on sale inApril 2002. Here's the full-color cover and accompanying press release whichannounced the series...


The Super Soldier Becomes The Next Marvel Knight!

The Knights have just gained a Soldier. Powered by the new creative team ofwriter John Ney Rieber (Books of Magic) and penciler John Cassaday(Planetary), the shield slinger's series, like the best-selling Daredevil,will be relaunched in early 2002 as a proud member of the criticallyacclaimed Marvel Knights imprint.

"The man's a soldier: fierce, focused, and absolutely dedicated to theAmerican dream," Rieber stated. "He fights for the people -- we, the people.Because he's one of us. He knows this country. He sees America as it is --the beauty and the bloody shadows of it, the nobility and the savagery ofit. He knows what it could be -- what it should be. What it was meant to be,from the beginning... and he'd die to get us there. He is the shield.Liberty's shield. And though he's just a man, like the ideal of freedom thatdrives him, he's really hard to kill."

"I can't say this will be a revolution or an unrecognizable CaptainAmerica," said Cassaday, "However, what John Ney Rieber and I are puttingtogether will deliver a Captain America that has more on his mind thanbeating the super-villain-of-the-week senseless. Our Cap believes in theAmerican standard, but you won't catch him delivering syrupy speeches. Ourman's patriotic testosterone comes out of his angry fists, not endlessrhetoric. He fights for the American dream, fearing he'll never have thechance to experience it himself. Revolution? Maybe not. But it is The NewDeal."

"Captain America is probably the most perfect character Marvel has: strong,idealistic, and smart as hell," added editor Stuart Moore. "What we want todo is toughen up the world around him, and give him some challenges thatreally test who and what he is. As readers of Planetary know, John Cassadayis one of the finest artists in the business today. And when I was lookingfor a writer, John Ney Rieber sent me the best Cap scene I'd ever read.Together they've produced a Marvel Knights relaunch that'll make everyonesit up and take notice. America: love it or leave it ñ but you'll be readingit."

Captain America #1, which will also maintain the title's original run withMarvel's dual numbering system, will leap into comic book stores in April2002. You can read more about Cap at Marvel.com.

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