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In just three short weeks (on September 12th, to be exact), CABLE #97 will hit the stands. So what's so special about this issue, you ask? That issue, my inquisitive friend, begins the run by the new creative team of writer David Tischman (American Century) and penciler Igor Korday (Batman/Tarzan). They're yet another pair of extremely talented creators that we've invited to take a fresh look at one of our most popular characters. In fact, just feast your eyes on these four pages of black-and-white art by Igor from CABLE #97 and you'll get a taste of the new flavor that they're bringing to the son of Cyclops.

Page 16

CABLE #97Cover by Igor KordeyDavid Tischman(w)/Igor Kordey(p & i)

* THE SCOOP: The new creative team of writer David Tischman (AmericanCentury) and Igor Kordey (Batman/Tarzan) begin a new chapter for thetime-tossed soldier!

* THE STORY: The guerilla army known as the Shining Path is back in action,and Nathan Summers fights a one-man war in the jungles of Peru to stop theirdevastating agenda. How much cocaine do you need to lead a revolution? CABLEchanges the rules of engagement -- exploding in a new, geopoliticaldirection for a nonstop battle of bombs and babes!

* TISCHMAN SPEAKS: "CABLE is going to become much more of a real world,geo-political book," the writer explained to Newsarama. "Cable is a guy whobelieves that the war between man and mutant has already begun and that onlyhe can stop it. To that end, he's going to be traveling around the globe,inserting himself into current political hotspots, and forcing himself intothose conflicts. I think this book is different than most books on themarket right now. We will be using politics as a backdrop, but good storiesare always good stories, wherever they take place. I think that this is justan aspect of Cable that has not yet been explored. When you strip everythingaway, the only thing Cable knows how to do is be a soldier. He believes inhis principles, he has seen the bad side of the future, and he's desperatelytrying to make sure that doesn't happen. He's a solider who has made thedecision that he needs to be proactive. He makes his own rules, and this isa book where the ends justify the means."

* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. On Sale Sept. 12th $2.25

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