Tim Hunter Searches for the New Ruler of the Dreaming in Books of Magic #5

The Dreaming has a new ruler, and Tim Hunter is on a quest to meet with them, but first, he'll spend a little story time with Eve in the Dreaming's library. And, as we see in CBR's exclusive preview for Books of Magic #5, we'll all learn a little bit about several other residents of the Sandman's realm along the way.

With the Dreaming's long-standing librarian Lucien "indisposed," Eve greets Tim as he makes his way to the new Artificial Intelligence currently seated in the Sandman's throne (It happened earlier this month in The Dreaming #6). But before he's introduced to the new Lord of Dreams, Eve shares a story that redefines the story of two of the Dreaming's most famous residents, Cain and Abel.

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Check out the our extended preview for Books of Magic #5, by Kat Howard and Tom Fowler, with a cover by Kai Carpenter, below.


  • written by KAT HOWARD
  • art by TOM FOWLER
  • cover by KAI CARPENTER
  • Pursued by nightmares he can’t remember and haunted by his inability to sleep, Timothy Hunter heads to the one place he knows he’ll definitely find answers: the Dreaming. But the cost of such knowledge may be more than he bargained for…
  • ON SALE 02.27.19
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
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