Preview: B-Sides #1

Official Press Release

With the Avengers, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man all callingthe Big Apple home, everybody knows that New York City is the #1 hot spotfor superhuman activity. Heck, with the mutant explosion at the XavierInstitute, even Westchester is on the map. But whoever heard of superheroesfrom New Jersey?

Well, come tomorrow, that's all about to change... at least that's whatwriter Brian David-Marshall (CAPTAIN AMERICA #50) and artist Brett Weldele(ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP #16 & Cous Cous Express) and cover artist Sam Kieth(WOLVERINE/HULK) are out to accomplish in the all-new, three-issuemini-series known as B-SIDES.

"Have you ever made a bad choice, followed up by a bunch of additional lousyjudgement calls that then seem to snowball?" asked editor Andrew Lis."That's the B-Sides: three kids in a dead-end town with nothing going forthem except their super powers. Together, they'll be the X-Statix of NJ. Orsomething much, much less..."

Hey, the state gave birth to Bruce Springsteen... why couldn't somecrime-fighters come from New Jersey, too?

Your Man @ Marvel,

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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