EXCL. PREVIEW: Aaron & McGuinness' Avengers Battle a Dark Celestial in Issue #2

When the Avengers reform in the wake of the just-concluded "No Surrender" event, Earth's Mightiest Heroes will not only feature a different lineup, the team will also face an all-new threat in the dark Celestials.

The cosmic godlike beings (designed by series artist Ed McGuinness) pose a threat that stretches beyond the publisher's new "Fresh Start" initiative -- 1,000,000 years ago, the world's first Avengers team faced the Dark Celestials for the first time. The prehistoric heroes managed to defeat their foe, but with its gigantic corpse having been unearthed in the Marvel Legacy one-shot, the threat it posed will rear its head once more when an all-new Avengers series debuts Wednesday, May 2.

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"The Dark Celestials are connected to all the stuff we've seen with the Celestials in the past," writer Jason Aaron told CBR in a recent interview, though they won't be the only challenge his and McGuinness' team will face. "Going forward we'll feature new threats as well as some old ones we'll bring out and dust off or use in a different sort of way."

Check out our first look at Aaron and McGuinness' Avengers #2 below, along with the issue's official cover art and solicitation text.

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  • Written by JASON AARON • Penciled by ED MCGUINNESS
  • Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
  • Variant Cover by David Marquez
  • Black Panther and Dr. Strange battle for their lives deep within the earth…
  • Captain Marvel battles death and destruction raining down from the skies…
  • …while Thor, Iron Man and Captain America lead the valiant (yet hopeless) fight against the Final Host of Dark Celestials.
  • And Ghost Rider and the Savage Hulk make brutal war against...each other?
  • Plus, you can’t have a gathering of Avengers without a certain Prince of Lies, now can you?
  • 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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