PREVIEW: "Atomika" #4

Sal Abbinanti has provided CBR News with a four page preview of this week's "Atomika" #4, along with a look at all four covers to the book. "Atomika" recently made the switch to self-published title. For more on that story, click here.


Story & Pencils: Sal Abbinanti

Writer: Andrew Dabb

Inks: Buzz

Colors: Christina Strain & Beth Sotelo

Cover A by Michael Turner & Peter Steigerwald.

Cover B by BUZZ & Peter Steigerwald

Cover C by Michael Turner

Cover D by BUZZ

In store date: August 17th

Originally scheduled to debut August 4th at Wizard World Chicago, will now be released in stores on August 17th due to a printing error.

Russia's western steppes were once a paradise, home to lush farms, thriving villages, and bands of gypsies who had been traveling since the dawn of time. But that was long ago. Now the fields have been stripped to feed Moscow's poor, the young men and women of the villages conscripted into the Red Army, and the gypsies branded traitors to the Empire. Paradise has been re-made a wasteland, one ruled over by the ancient swamp god Pripet-the deity Atomika has come to kill. Meanwhile, back in the capital, powerful forces are assembling, all with the same question on their lips: "Has the God of Technology outlived his usefulness?"

Featuring a regular cover by fan favorite artist Michael Turner (Witchblade, Soulfire), and a variant cover by artist Buzz (JSA, Vampirella). Also in conjunction with RuppsWorld.com and JayCompanyComics.com two additional covers are available, these exclusive covers feature the original pencil artwork of Michael Turner and Buzz. For more information on Atomika and Mercury Comics visit www.MercuryComics.com.

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